Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Agency London

In today’s business environment, it is very difficult to build a profitable company if you’re online presence is subpar.  A good way for you to do that as a small business owner (SEM) is through SEO services that get your business the amount of exposure that it needs to increase sales and conversions. It is always important for you to do proper research before you choosing an SEO agency in any location and in this case, we will discuss how to find one in London. Here are the few tips that you should consider when you are choosing a London based SEO agency. Always do spare time for the choice you make as the agency you decide to go with can either make or break your business website.

Good Strategy
All businesses are different. So when searching for the right SEO agency to work with, you should work with them to find out about the type of strategy they use to rank your site. For longevity and maximum potential for your site, it is advisable to go with an agency that uses pure white hat ranking techniques to protect your site against future Google updates and changes as well as keeping your site safe.

Keyword Rankings
Once you create a short list of companies that fit the bill in terms of strategy, the next step is to find out how credible these companies are. There are a number of ways you can do this, with the best being to ask for a portfolio of clients they have worked with and the top keywords they have ranked the site to the number 1 spot of Google for. What is the point of working with a company that promises you SEO services, however, has never ranked a site to the top spot in Google before? In this case, we always advise all our readers to make sure the company you chose can at least, as a minimum, provide some evidence of being able to deliver top spot rankings through previous work undertaken.

Website Support
Although a good SEO company does not necessarily need to know about designing and creating websites, it is always a nice bonus to work with a company that has experience building, maintaining and improving websites from an on page optimization perspective. It’s not mandatory to find an agency that is able to provide web development services, but if you do find one that offers white hat SEO services, can provide credibility through keyword rankings and can provide website development services to make sure your site is well optimized for the keywords and niche targeting, that’s a bonus and should be taken into consideration for your choice of agency.

Business SEO

Business SEO


Naturally, once you find the few companies that meet the specification mentioned above, it’s time to start the conversation and reach out to these companies to find out more about their services, pricing, contract and general working practice. A key question to ask is how they will communicate with you. Find out if they use email, reporting, Skype, calls as these will prove important factors to how comfortable you feel with this company. When choosing a company to work with, keep in mind this is going to be a company you work with for a number of months and even years to come. Vet out the company you choose to work with well and make sure they are a good fit for you and the way you like to work. The last thing you want is to be working with a company on a daily basis that you hate communicating with or does not provide you with the level of detail or support required to meet your business goals and objectives.

Other than that, if you are able to find a company by the time you run through this list then it is more likely than not to be a great fit for you and your business and should help to move you in the right direction to meeting your business goals.

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